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Independent, eccentric creators of Mixed Reality. We’re creative humans, experienced technologists, forward-thinking global storytellers; crafting the next level of immersive reality.

Denise E. White
Founder, CEO

Denise E. White is the Founder and CEO of SPATIALx, a company on a mission to embolden and reinvent physical spaces through Mixed Reality.

Denise is a mixed-race, American executive woman, living in Britain; a truly ground-breaking thinker and charismatic speaker. She is the Former Director, Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Technologies at The Walt Disney Company with over 22 years of experience in building for the Web.

We’re now here together, at the dawn of an entirely new Immersive Tech era. SPATIALx is at the forefront of spatial ambient computing; we’re here to shape the XR future, let’s build together and change the world!

Mike Koss
Chief Technology Officer

Mike Koss has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, spanning many different sectors from retail to finance. Mike’s main-focus throughout his career has been Information Security, however, whilst at Disney, Mike became interested in Augmented Reality, building several AR prototypes. Mike leads Holographic Engineering and the R&D lab at SPATIALx, which fuses together AI, Machine Learning solutions, and sentiment analysis with 3D holograms. Mike is a passionate technologist, a leader in emerging technologies and trends; he is now focusing on Mixed Reality and sees an exciting future in this sector.

Jonathan White
Chief Creative Officer

Jonathan White is an anomaly of the universe! Our very own secret weapon in uncovering new paths and concepts that have truly never been seen before.

Jonathan is an imaginative storyteller and communicator; an emotional, empathic dreamer. He loves tech, people, and the truth. An innovator who sees the potential in every idea and looks at how we can help change the world for the better in new, future-forward ways.


Mike Pell
Envisioneer, The Microsoft Garage

M. Pell leads The Microsoft Garage in NYC, part of the company’s worldwide innovation program for moving ideas forward quickly to foster a culture of experimentation. Bold, insightful, and uncompromising, Pell is recognized as a world-class designer and industry thought leader. Pell’s first design book “Envisioning Holograms” is considered a must-have for tomorrow’s most influential storytellers and explorers. His new book “The Age of Smart Information” details how the fundamental nature of communication is transforming with the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality technologies.

Pell’s evolution from intrepid entrepreneur, to VC-backed startup veteran, to corporate man for Adobe and Microsoft has given him a unique perspective on how to combine business, experience, and technology to create breakthrough experience.

As a lifelong Designer/Coder, Pell has consistently been on the leading edge of design and disruptive innovation over his thirty-years in high-technology. Career highlights include creating the original Adobe Acrobat and PDF, working with Pixar to pioneer 3D type generation with RenderMan, developing a rapid design methodology called Fast Design, and being the inventor on over a dozen U.S. Patents.

More about M. Pell at futuristic.com or follow on Twitter @_MPell_